Chinese Garden for Chinese New Year

Last week I had the opportunity to take a visiting friend to the Chinese Garden.

Normally the garden is open and free. However, when we got there, they charged us $6 to enter because it was around Chinese New Year 😦 Not what I was planning for. But not too expensive either.

At least they had festive red lanterns up, since we did pay $6

Twin Pagodas

Last time I was at the Twin Pagodas – they were closed for renovations. Since they were open this time, we went ahead and climbed one of them.

Twin Pagoda Staircase

I’m glad we climbed the staircase, because it afforded us a nice view.

View from Twin Pagoda

We walked around for a little while until we found our real destination: The Live Turtle Museum.

I feel like this museum is one of the little-known wonders of Singapore. It’s not the snazziest museum there ever was, but for $5 you are greeted with one of the largest variety of turtles.

Although some variety seemed less welcoming then others.

There were large tortoises, and small hand size turtles. Long snake necked ones (as pictured above) and short stubby ones. Bumpy ones, and others nicknamed “hamburger turtles” because they were so flat from sitting on each other. We wandered around and browsed the different types of turtles multiple times before getting bored enough to move on to the next part of the museum: the pond.

I think this may be my favorite part. For $1, you get a bag filled with food pellets to feed the pond turtles with.

There is nothing quite like watching turtles literally swarm around you to receive their food nuggets.

Feeding the swarm of turtles

While you are watching them swarm you get to hear the “plop-plop” noises they make as the doggie paddle over to you, in attempt to keep their head high and close to the food. The really eager ones practically trip over their friends and step on them while in the water to get the best seat in the pond. It is amusing and captivating all at the same time.

With that, we finished up at the turtle garden and headed back out.

This HUGE koi pond was right outside the museum.

Since there were so many great red lanterns I had to have my friend take a picture for me right before we left the Chinese Garden to head back home.

Me & the Red Chinese Lanterns

Later that day after getting home I noticed my shoulder was red. I thought it odd, and wondered what could be irritating my shoulder. Did I carry something that was heavy, and its strap bothered my shoulder? Ashamedly it took me a while to come to the simple conclusion that I had gotten a little bit sun burned. Oops! I guess I normally use an umbrella or it is cloudy enough out that I don’t think about being burned. At least the burn wasn’t so bad. And hey, red is festive this time of year!


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