Chinatown – dim sum, cookies, and buns

One of the logical places to visit for Chinese New Year here in Singapore would be Chinatown. I knew I wanted to visit Chinatown and see the decorations, but I didn’t want to deal with the height of the New Year’s crowds.

So, when it worked for me to visit Chinatown a few days before the actual Chinese New Year with my friend, Jennie, I jumped at the opportunity.

For lunch we went to Yum Cha – a dim sum restaurant. Dim sum are steamed dumplings that come with all sorts of fillings and in different styles/shapes. It was fun to get several different flavors and share them for lunch.

After lunch we walked around visiting some of the stalls that were set up just for New Year’s.

The streets of Chinatown

Besides the ubiquitous red lanterns and the people milling about, there were all sorts of shops with innumerable types of goodies. Everything from special candy to unique pipe cleaner toys were being sold for the occasion. One of the stalls we stopped at was a cookie stall. Stall is misleading, because this “stall” was probably 50+ ft. long – several typical stall lengths put together.

I couldn’t believe some of the cookie flavors that were passed off as plausible:

Green Pea Cookies

It would have simply taken too much time for me to pictorially catalog each of the flavors that were offered. One of the wilder flavors offered was cappucino cheese … uh yeah. I ended up deciding on the safer sounding flavors of white coffee and black sesame. (We’ve tasted the white coffee one, and we like it.)

After purchasing our cookies we headed over to the mall. Or should I rather say malls. There are two main malls in Chinatown – with confusing names: Peoples Park Complex and Peoples Park Centre. Yeah. And the layout of the stores is just as equally confusing. I have gotten lost in the malls before, and I have searched for 30 minutes without ever finding what I was looking for. Thankfully Jennie knew where certain craft shops were. With her navigating, I was able to find replacement earring hooks for one of my favorite pairs of earrings.

We ended our trip to Chinatown with a stop at a shop called “Bunnies” that sells buns.

The perfect store for the bread/bunny lover 🙂

I love the play on words for the shop’s name. I bought mini buns with peanut and chocolate (two separate flavors) fillings. They were good enough – a sweet way to end a sweet day.


2 responses to “Chinatown – dim sum, cookies, and buns

  1. What a great adventure. Wonder if any of those vendors could us a good banner to advertise their wears. Mom

  2. I liked “bunnies” Cute!

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