Two Years of Saying Yes!

The popular way of celebrating New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day is to stay up till midnight New Year’s Eve and watch the ball drop. People ring in the new year with great fanfare and sparkling cider (or more potent beverages).

For our part, the Eve of New Year’s Eve compared to the following day. The tradition (for three years now) for this Randles family is to travel to Saratoga on the morning of this special day.

Two years ago, right after Christmas, Andrew & I were visiting his parents. (Note: at this time, my name still had Czebotar at the end.) Towards the beginning of our stay I asked Andrew what he was most looking forward to during his visit. I was sure he would tell me that he was looking forward to spending time with his parents/family. Instead, he responded, “I’ll tell you later this week.” That was my first clue that Andrew was preparing to propose to me.

<happy sigh> I never tire of telling this story.

The eve of New Year’s Eve dawned with temperatures rising from the fridged negative Fahrenheit degrees. Andrew picked me up from his Aunt’s house. We were headed in to Saratoga Springs for a breakfast date. In the midst of a week filled with visits and plans, it was our one morning together.

We went to this little shop:

Beverly's Cafe/Bakery (taken 2011)

Leaving the little cafe, he politely suggested we walk around the block before going back to the car. (Love makes people do crazy things, including going for a stroll while the temperatures are barely above zero degrees outside.) During our walk he asked some leading questions as we walked around the block. About half way between the shop and car (taking the long way around) Andrew starts to drop down to one knee. Ashamedly I said under my breath, “Not here… Andrew… not here!” But thankfully he ignored my worries and proposed the proper way. I said yes (a long with the sudden, out-loud thought, “Did you ask my mom for permission?)… and the rest is history.

We walked to the car before taking off my gloves to try on the dazzling ring.

Nowadays my short version of the story is, “Andrew proposed to me outside on one knee while it was in the single digits!”

The following year (last year), we went were visiting his parents again. As a married couple now, we went to the same street and same day, but to a different.

Crepe Shop (picture taken 2011)

This year, we made a special trip all the way form Singapore (wink, wink) to celebrate the memory again. We went to the original location this time. Our hearty appetites were interrupted by a kiss instead of nerves. Andrew had a delicious eggs, bacon, and cheese wrap with home fries. I had the same scrumptious home fries but with an eggs benedict with salmon. Mmm…

Although the weather was warmer than two years ago (probably in the low 30’s this time around), we opted for the car and drove the route we walked on that special day. (What can I say, the love is still strong, but we have grown slightly wiser since that day.)

The sidewalk where Andrew proposed to me

It was wonderful to relive the memories. (Nearly as splendid as those memories was the experience of getting to see snow! A non-existence experience in our new country of residence.) We are so thankful that we have had the blessing of visiting the little town of Argyle (and the nearby Saratoga) three New Years in a row now.

Note: I will hopefully get around to cataloguing a few more of my stories, my trip to the US included, on the blog in the near future. But alas, with prep for the trip, said trip, and visiting with family and friends, my blogging frequency has severely dropped off. The reason is so worth it though 🙂

2 responses to “Two Years of Saying Yes!

  1. a “couple” of years for a “couple” of people: the beginnings of a lifetime “coupled” with happiness and adventure!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Adrielle!

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