Christmas trees – Singapore Style

I can’t point to one specific reason that I have decreased the frequency of posting lately. But I do feel like I’ve been more busy. Maybe it’s that I’ve gotten into more of a routine and found ways for normal life to fill up my time… or maybe it’s the fact that Christmas is almost here… it’s the fact that I leave later this week to visit the States (*squeal*)… Whatever the reason, I don’t think my posting will improve until next year. That being said, I can’t leave Singapore without mentioning some of the oddities that I have noticed as Christmas draws near here in this warm land.

So without further ado, let me ask this question:

What do Ferrero Rochers & Newspaper have in common here?

Well apparently they both make excellent Christmas trees 🙂

First off, the Ferrero Rocher tree

Orchard Road (the “Time Square” or “5th Avenue” equivalent in Singapore) is quite decked out for Christmas time. There are fancy lights here and there, pretty trees, and other Christmas-time-only decorations.

Often after our Sunday church service we go to dinner somewhere on/near Orchard road. Last week, while going to dinner we spotted this tree:

The Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree

I LOVE Ferrero Rochers, so I had to have my picture taken with this tree. (As a side note, Andrew recently discovered my weakness for these delicacies and bought me a whole box!)

Tree 2 – Newspaper

While browsing through the web, I came across this link. Now, normally I am not a huge fan of anything relating to Martha Stewart – but these looked so neat I bookmarked them.

Since we aren’t going to be in Singapore for Christmas I am not putting much stock into decorating our home for Christmas. Add to that fact, that Christmas trees aren’t very cheap here. And they’re all fake. So I decided I would try making my own Christmas tree with things I already have around the house.

This meant 0$ and a fun evening activity.

I didn’t want to use one of my knitting needles and I didn’t have a receipt spike as the website suggested. Instead I used my meat thermometer as my temporary spike. I then transferred all (approximately 500+ pieces of newspaper) onto a “spike” made from newpaper & tape.

Work in progress

I didn’t have “clear glass glitter” on hand… so I decided to use glue and cotton to give the newspaper a slight snow effect. I also made a makeshift star out of some craft foam paper I had on hand.


Finished Product (The PS3 controller is shown for scale!)

It’s not perfect, but it was fun and it looks humble and cute 🙂 I don’t know why it ended up being extra stout…

While I’m on the topic of Christmas trees, I thought I would mention some of the differences here in Singapore.

1) There’s no live trees.

Well duh. I mean, where would they grow them?

2) They like colored trees. A lot.

I know there are colored trees in the States. But here it seems that 50% or more of the trees that I see on display in the malls are colored trees or are decorated in monotone color choices.

Colored Christmas Trees - see what I mean?

3) Warnings

The other difference here that we’ve noticed, which we think is funny, is that a lot of the display trees in stores have warning’s on them. Like this one:

High Voltage Warning

Honestly? … I’m a little bit confused. Why don’t you see high voltage warning on other displays? I don’t know… I think this is a little excessive. Oh well.

At least all these trees (if albeit a little different) help convince us that Christmas is indeed approaching, even if the weather isn’t helping. But the thing we are most looking forward to as December advances isn’t the trees or decorations, but rather the time with family & friends and setting aside time to glorify our Savior. And I’m sure with our visit to the States we’ll get some colder (and maybe even white) weather for Christmas too!


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