Going Retro

Andrew’s work celebrated their 20th anniversary last week in style with a GALA! (Okay it has really taken me over a week to get this post done. so really, 11 days ago.)

When Andrew received the invitation, my first thought was, oh neat! I’ll get to dress up for a fancy event.

Then Andrew told me what the theme was: Retro.

Honestly? Retro?

It didn’t give much in the way of describing what “retro” was  –  so we were left to our own devices to interpret the theme. Thankfully/un-thankfully (depending on which side you’re on) all of Andrew’s retro clothes that were in his former before-married-life wardrobe have since been disposed of. But, on second thought, none of them would be fit for a “gala” anyways. Oh well. (I mean, oh good!)
I didn’t have high expectations for how the retro gala would turn out. But we went anyways deciding to make the most of the opportunity to go to a night out.

The night started by a taxi ride that took 45 minutes, with 25 minutes waiting to make it the last 1km due to traffic. It could only get better right? It did.

We had a great buffet dinner. (Though some of Andrew’s co-workers at our table were very disappointed to learn that the complimentary beer had run out. We didn’t care.)

From there it got better. We were told that everyone … EVERYONE … would be leaving with a lucky draw price. Part of me was like, What? How is it lucky if everyone gets one? (It reminded me of The Incredibles quote from Flash, “If everyone is special, then no-one is.”) But rest assured, that thought was quickly followed by the thought of, Sweet!

One of the funniest parts of the night was the talent show. Different employees had signed up to give various “talent” demonstrations.

Talent gone retro

One of the other groups to perform did a wonderfully coreographed routine to a retro rap song.

Check out the costumes!

Now this groups’ costumes weren’t retro. But they did appeal to the crowd. You see, Andrew works at a company that utilizes several clean rooms (rooms with regulated air/etc so that certain technological equipment can be run). The costumes that these dudes are wearing are clean room suits! The whole room laughed quite hard when the group stood up to give their thanks after their performance; they said, “We especially want to thank [so-and-so] for our costume designs!”

The fact that the room was filled with a vast majority of engineers did not go overlooked. For one of the ice breakers, each table was provided with a myriad of cups, popsicle sticks, and tape. The challenge was to be the table with the tallest “castle.” The word “castle” was quickly interpreted by peoples’ actions to mean tallest “tower.”

Cup Tower

Here, Andrew’s friend/co-worker is standing on a chair attempting to attach a string of popsicles to the delicate tower we had built.

Tower Stability = fail

Even though our table didn’t win the prize for having the tallest structure, we still had fun!

Our "Retro" Outfits

(I was going for 1940s. Meanwhile Andrew sported his one geometric tie and his pleated pants to invoke a hint of retro.)

I thought with the gala we would be done with “retro.” Instead, the gala seemed to just begin a week filled with retro experiences. Or maybe it was just that we were more attuned to the retro references?

Either way, Tuesday we were sitting at home when we heard music from outside. Now this is not uncommon. Most weeknights we can hear a dancing group using one of the common areas to practice their routines. We are accustomed to various songs accompanied with the instructors, “one, two, cha-cha-cha” and other mixed English/Chinese directions to her dancing class. But what we are not used to is hearing this song come on:

Warning: This song has addictive attributes and is very likely to end up getting stuck in your head. Believe me – I tried it. Consider yourself forewarned before clicking on the link.

On Thursday I ended up listening to good ol’ Newsboys while I set about to baking/cooking for our Thanksgiving meal. But the album I was listening to, of all albums, was Love Liberty Disco.

And on Friday, I saw a gentleman on the MRT (aka- subway/train) listening to a walkman! I didn’t know they still existed!

I am sure to get a lot of grief for my family/friends for deciding what is/should be retro. So before I close this post I am required to defend myself. Retro is defined by Merriam-Webster as “ relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past : fashionably nostalgic or old-fashioned <a retro look>”

I know that my past hardly seems “past” to those of you who have a few years on me, but have compassion on me. I can’t help my age! 🙂


One response to “Going Retro

  1. FUN! Enjoyed the NEWSBOYS video! Hey, Adrielle, your cute retro dress will also work for a Christmas outfit!

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