Do you have your exit buddy?

Andrew and I make a habit of asking each other at the end of a day of work what the highlight of the day was. It is a wonderful practice of thinking what we were thankful for during the day even if the day wasn’t all that great. The other day was a generic, fine day, but I had a particular small blessing come to mind when I was asked that evening to come up with a highlight. The small blessing was my umbrella.

Mr. Umbrella

In the States I would use the umbrella occasionally… like when it rained. But it didn’t see tons of use. But this umbrella has become so much more than a simple tool. He has moved to Singapore with me. Between the rainy days and the transportable shade usage, the umbrella has become very worn in the 7 months in Singapore. He went from a nice, hardly used, looking umbrella to a tattered, well-loved, looking umbrella. He is no longer just an umbrella, he is my “exit buddy.”

You see, one of my all-time-favorite movies is Finding Nemo. And one of my favorite lines (I have lots of favorites) from the movie is, “Do you have your exit buddy?”

When I leave the apartment I try to make a habit of double checking that my exit buddy is with me. Yesterday I almost made it to the elevator before realizing Mr. Umbrella was still in the apartment. Oh no! I rushed back, unlocked the door, and there he was – waiting to be picked up. I snatched him and locked back up the apartment – this time I was ready to head out.

It was fairly sunny as I walked the short distance to the bus stop. As I got on the bus stop I made sure to take my exit buddy with me. We passed 3 bus stops before anything of importance happened. Then it started raining, all right before I stepped off the bus. No worries – Mr. Umbrella came to the rescue. I got off the bus and opened up my trusty friend.

It wasn’t pouring, but was raining enough that I was happy to have him with me.

Walking to school (effect shot taken on my phone)

Of course about 20 feet from the entrance to the school it stopped raining. But I didn’t mind. It afforded me the opportunity to use my umbrella and make that extra locking/unlocking of my front door earlier – so worth it. That little reminder God gave me to go back to get the umbrella – and how I needed it – was just the perfect highlight of the day 🙂

This past month we have seen a fair bit of rain. I suppose it is a sign that we are approaching the rainy season here in Singapore. Officially, November is the rainiest month. Time will tell. But regardless of how much rainier it gets, Mr. Umbrella will be there for us.


One response to “Do you have your exit buddy?

  1. Nice “effect shot” of the rain! Glad you have an exit buddy! We love Nemo too. 🙂

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