The Terracotta Warriors come to Singapore

Earlier this week I realized that the Asian Civilization Museum had a Terracotta Warriors exhibit going on. I looked up the museum online and realized that the exhibit ended this weekend. While on the museum’s website, I also discovered that tickets were half-price on Friday nights. You can see where I’m going.

This Friday night after work, Andrew and I headed downtown. (I finally got to ride the new Circle Line MRT that opened up last week!)

Asian Civilization Museum

Once we paid our dues, we went blazing through the museum on a search for the special exhibit. It didn’t help that the first few pamphlet holders we found were without English guides. Nor did it help that arrows for the exhibits put you throught other exhibits. And it wasn’t helpful that Level 2 and Level 3 were apparently on the same level. (Um, yeah, I don’t know how to explain that one.) We finally came across an exhibit with white statues, and we thought we might be in the right place. But then that thought was quickly dismissed.

Mix of old and new - statue

We struggled to see why some of the exhibits (see above) exemplified “asian civilization”… but okay.

Eventually though, we entered a crowded room where a museum employee was couting those that entered. Ahha – this is it.

Ah - now this looks a little more like what I expected!

It was a bit crowded, but we were still able to enjoy the exhibit. It was astounding just how much detail went into some of the statues. Did you know that in the whole Terracotta army there are different statues designed to show rank? Also, did you know that the armies were only some of the terracotta collection that has been excavated? The tomb that the armies were near has not even been completely excavated… interesting.

A Terracotta Horse

Warriors aren’t the only parts of the armies… there are also horses and entire charriots that have been discovered! Not too far from the pits where the armies were recovered there were also pits filled with statues of animals!

There are also smaller statues… but still intricately detailed.

The horses are sculpted with incredible detail, down to specific muscles!

It was neat to think that these terracotta statues all were painted at one time, I’m sure it was an incredible sight to behold – it still is!

While walking through the exhibit, a verse came to mind:

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.” – Psalm 20:7

Although it seemed obvious to me that we should not trust in these statues, I realized how sometimes it is not so obvious that we shouldn’t trust in things other than the Lord. The museum exemplified this – there were so many exhibits that demonstrated the strongholds of a multitude of religions in Asia. From statues of Bhuda to displays of the Qur’an – it was a bit disheartening at points, but also a good reminder of the world we live in.

Hunger ultimately won out and drove us to finish up with the museum and find food. We stopped by a ice-cream sandwich cart and spent $1.20 to tide us over till we could find real food. We made the mistake of walking down an isle of restaurants on the water where every restaurant employee attempted to draw us inside. I remember one guy saying to Andrew, “You look hungry sir, come on in!” Ha… we were hungry, but we wanted to pick our own restaurant, thank you very much!

Finally on a quieter side street we found a nothing-special Indian place where Andrew could find his favorite murtabak. (We first had the dish when Jehiah & Selam visited. Since then it has become one of Andrew’s favorite Singaporean dishes.)

To help tone down the burning sensation in our mouths from the Indian spices we picked up two more ice cream sandwiches.We ate our cool treat right by the water.

The perfect place to enjoy an icecream sandwich

This second round of ice cream put us into a thoughtful mood. We were thinking how it was similar to the inner harbor of Baltimore- but nicer… and safer. The sight of the Esplanade in the background and the pretty Singapore skyline made us think just how blessed we are to be just a short MRT ride away from such an iconic area.

Anyways – that’s how we spent our Friday evening: with Terracotta Warriors and ice cream sandwiches.


One response to “The Terracotta Warriors come to Singapore

  1. Nate the (future) Architect

    I could take a guess at the 2 levels being on the same floor:
    It could be either that two buildings that had been combined in a renovation and they kept the original designations or that there was an elevation change between one part of the building and another that in construction documents, like a section drawing, it made sense to call them different levels.
    Alternatively, it could be something else entirely that’s related to the construction industry in Singapore that I am, as of yet, not familiar with.

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