Looking back

Listening to a friend give her testimony yesterday in Bible study I was reminded to look back and remember what the Lord has done, even though often when you’re in the thick of it you don’t know what he’s doing.

Today is October 5: a great day to look back.

1 Year ago

This time last year we were in the middle of a whirlwind. We knew the Lord was working, but now looking back we can see some of the ways he blessed us in the midst of the whirlwind.

Andrew had been without a job since the end of August. Prospects were bleak, and it was hard to stay encouraged with so few positive responses to resumes and applications that were sent out.

Our apartment lease ran out at the end of September. Family helped us move into our new home. It was a small basement apartment. We didn’t know how long we would be staying in that tiny apartment, but we were thankful for the Lord’s provision.

Right before the beginning of October I was told I got my old job back as a part-time administration assistant. It was a shock to be taking my old job back as I had expected that surely I would have gotten a job by now as a full-time teacher with my newly completed degrees and certification. But the old job was a blessing. As October turned to November, my part-time job turned into a full-time job. The Lord had orchestrated it that just as the former administrator would quit her position, I would have the time and capacity to take up the position.

In the midst of all of this we took a trip to Colorado.  We were able to put our frequent flier miles and our unemployment-free-time to use! We stayed a week with Andrew’s brother and sister-in-law. Also during the trip we witnessed my cousin’s marriage on 10-10-10!


Fast forward.

8 months ago

At the end of January, 2011, Andrew received his first job offer since our job-search ordeal began. We spent the better first-half of February seeking the Lord and considering health insurance options. We wanted to secure a viable health insurance for me before accepting the job. So many health insurance companies seemed like dead ends… we began to get discouraged that the Lord might not have answered our prayers for a job for Andrew with a yes… yet. But we persevered and the Lord proved faithful (as he always does). By the end of February we had secured a health insurance for me and accepted the job offer. Plans were in process to move to Singapore!


6 months ago

Andrew started his job here in Singapore at IME (Institute of Microelectronics) on April 4th. What a HUGE answer to prayer! Such a milestone!


2 months ago today

I went in for my interview at International Community School. I did not think anything much would come out of the interview, but the Lord proved me wrong. Within less than a week from that interview I was offered a job to teach computer, I accepted, and I started teaching! These last two months have really been a wonderful experience teaching middle schoolers. At times there are challenges, and at other times there are frustrations… but the joys that come out of teaching my students far overcomes any frustrations.



What an incredible journey! It’s not over yet. Looking forward to growing closer with the Lord in the next year to come.



One response to “Looking back

  1. God is so good and it is amazing to look back on His handiwork!

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