Jurong Bird Park

During our visit with Jehiah & Selam we had bought combo tickets to the Night Safari & Bird Park. This saved us $$$… but it didn’t necessarily save us time. We had a month to use the tickets to the Bird Park.

Yesterday (Saturday) was planned for our visit to the Bird Park. We woke up to stormy weather. It cleared by late morning only to rain again shortly after noon. No good. Bird Park day postponed.

Today: “dry-er” weather + only a few days left to use our tickets = mission to visit the Bird Park. Yay!

Jurong Bird Park

Even though we were at a park that focused on birds, that didn’t mean that we would pass up an opportunity to get Andrew’s picture taken with the cows!

Mom/Dad - this one's for you. See if you come visit us, we'll take you to see cows! 🙂

So that Andrew didn’t feel alone in posing with statues, I took my picture next to the flamingo.

Alivia - This picture is for you! 🙂

Now – enough of the statues. On to the real birds!


Real Flamingos

Did you know if you feed flamingos green veggies they will turn white? I didn’t either. I don’t know if that’s what happened to this group, but they were definitely whiter than the rest of them.

Flamingos at Flamingo Lake

Had I not read plaques I would have guessed these birds were simply mini flamingos. But nope!

Scarlet Ibis



Picture of a lime green bird for my mom 🙂

Pelican Cove


African Waterfall Aviary – the largest in the world!

While some of the birds were in cages – a vast majority of them were allowed to roam. One example of this was the HUMONGOUS African Waterfall Aviary.

The Waterfall in the exhibit

It was incredible that this massive waterfall could be contained in an aviary. It gives you a small idea of how large it was!

African Waterfall Aviary

More birds in the African Waterfall Aviary

The Lory Loft – the largest lory aviary in the world

Here there were colorful birds literally everywhere. As people were allowed to feed the birds in this exhibit, the colorful creatures were not shy in the least but rather came very close and would even approach you.

Lory Loft

Flightless Birds

The Cassowary

This unusual flightless bird we were told is one of the most dangerous of all birds!

The ostrich

This bird was described by the park guide with a lot of superlatives: largest, heaviest, fastest-running, biggest-eggs, and biggest eyeballs… all for one bird. Who knew!?

Crowned Pidgeons

Such beautiful crowns!

All in All – a good day 🙂

We both agreed that the trip would have been more enjoyable had we been able to share it with Andrew’s mom or my sister, Tam… but that beings said it was a wonderful visit to the Jurong Bird Park.

"Loving" the bird park

Trip Home

Of course our day wouldn’t be complete without a detour for some cheap ice cream. This time we stopped at Wendy’s (there isn’t a Wendy’s close to us, so this was a treat) and had a chocolate frosty mini cone!

Frosty in a cone - a wonderful invention!

Only for 70 cents too! The perfect solution to being hot and sweaty, having tired feet, and possessing a few hunger pangs. Mmm….!


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  1. Thank you for the lime green aviary specimen.

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