Before & After – Bye-bye pink!

It’s been a long time coming, but finally we’ve gotten around to taking pictures of our “new” non-pink apartment. I feel like each time we painted a room, we would take a break of a week (or a few!) before starting on a new one. Eventually it got to the point where we only had one more room to paint, so I figured I’d just wait to post until I could post pictures of the whole apartment. Well, we finished depinking our last room – the guestroom – right before Jehiah & Selam’s arrival. So now that the painting is done, it’s time to show off 🙂

No turning back and no remorse

The Living Room

With such a dark color on the walls, this room took the most work to transform the look. In some areas we ended up with three coats of primer and three coats of white. When we first started putting up the yellow our thoughts were, “what have we done? Maybe we’ve taken it too far the other direction.” But now that we’ve had time to adjust to the color, we absolutely love it! The white compliments the yellow and brings out the architectural features of the room.

Before: Magenta walls, un-matching curtains, and an odd layout. After: Yellow and white walls, covered couch cushions, new curtains, a filled bookshelf, and a stash of shoes and umbrellas inside the door.

Before: The only item on this side of the room was the TV; the only piece of artwork. After: TV died and the landlord replaced it with a new one, original artwork moved to guest room, and a beautiful boggle quilt from my sister, Cedulie, is proudly displayed against the nice YELLOW wall.

Before: While the former layout may have left the wall more open and less cluttered, it didn't allow me to play piano. After: Andrew's anniversary gift to me found a home on the open wall. If you look closely, you'll see we left the latch on the door to the guestroom as the one reminder of what our apartment's pink was like.

Before: The floral print on couches matched the pink walls but wasn't our style, the layout didn't show off the space and wasn't conducive to daily life. After: Couch cushions were recovered, dining room moved from kitchen to living room, wedding pictures were framed and added to the long wall, and the immovable gate between the two rooms was covered with curtains that matched the other side of the room.


One of our favorite aspects of the whole apartment was the 11ft countertop and the huge number of cabinets. After living in a basement apartment with a half fridge, tiny sink, and enough counterspace for a drying rack, we were (and still are) in heaven! Now the look is simplified and doesn’t leave one bewildered at how many colors are going on.

Before: The two tones of blue on the cabinets competed and didn't allow either blue to win, the cabinet trim was in poor condition, and the microwave was in an odd position. After: The second blue on the cabinets was replaced with a white to decrease the number of competing colors, the microwave was repositioned, and the fridge became part of the home filled with spice containers and coupons.

Before: The pink (of course) fought a losing battles the rest of colors, the dining room table dominated the room, there was no oven, and the windows that were right next to the bathroom doors lacked any form of privacy. After: A darker blue replaced the pink and complimented the whites and simplified the look, the table was relocated, the bike and its stand found a home, the sideboard cabinet was moved next to the laundry machine for practicality, an oven was added, and curtains were made for the windows.

If you look closely you’ll see we have the drying rack is full of dishes, the fan is pulled out for use, and the poles are hung up with clothes on them – all evidences of a kitchen seeing use.

The Master Bedroom

Instead of walking into our bedroom and thinking, “Wow! Do I have to sleep with bright pink flowers???”… we can now rest in a tranquil setting.

Before: Yet another shade of pink, a bedspread that matched the walls, and a bare room. After: Blue! The larger wardrobe from the guestroom was switched with the smaller one originally in the master bedroom, new toned down sheets were added as well, and husband was still happy enough to pose for me 🙂

Before: The same curtains that didn’t match the living room’s magenta didn’t match the pink of master bedroom either, and they blew around when the “air con” was turned on. We discovered the ceiling wasn’t white but actually a different shade of pink! Oh dear. After: New curtains were made to suit the windows and the room, two nightstands and a dresser were found on craigslist to give us some drawers, and the ceiling was painted a refreshing white.

Guest Room

Maybe it’s because it is the most recently completed room, or maybe it’s because it doesn’t see much use, or maybe it is because it looks peaceful and inviting – whatever the reason, I think this room ended up being my favorite after it was decorated.

Before: You can guess which curtains were found in here, a fourth shade of pink was found behind the wardrobe, and the larger wardrobe dominated the room. After: Another set of curtains were made, bedspread replaced, pink = gone, and smaller wardrobe was moved in to match the available space.

And that, my friends, is a preview of our apartment without pink. It’s has a more “lived-in” feel and has the clutter of daily life, but it is no longer a generic pink apartment. Instead it is our home – and a distinctly not-pink home at that.


5 responses to “Before & After – Bye-bye pink!

  1. WOW! It’s amazing to see ALL the work you’ve done and how great it looks. Want to work on our house when you’re back in the States in Dec.?! 🙂 You should be proud of all that you’ve accomplished, and I’m glad that it looks like home now! Love you.

  2. oops above comment is actually from mom maureen

  3. oh, the comment went away… “thanks for the tour , hope to see it in person next year,” was my comment that went away

  4. Spectacular! I love that you had Andrew pose in the same spots. 🙂 That was so so much pink. Can’t believe it was even on the ceiling. We had a similar problem with wallpaper in our house. Who wallpapers a ceiling?

  5. Jen & Brad Wilson

    Very cool!!! I’m always amazed at how a fresh coat of paint can change a whole room let alone a whole home!!! Congrats and it looks GREAT!

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