Singapore Botanical Gardens

The human barricade

The Lord blessed us with a Saturday that was clear enough for us to go to the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

Um. Wow. I think between only Andrew & I we took over 200 pictures. The sheer number of flowers was astounding!

Beauties of the SG Botanical Gardens

Due to the plethora of flowers, the air smelt sweetly. I think it smelt sweet because there was also love in the air 😉

Smooching in the Garden

The natural beauty of the gardens were incredible! As we were walking along a path, I turned around and realized that I had lost my brother and his wife! Oh no! On closer inspection, I realized they were behind the nearby waterfall. Apparently the waterfall had some artificial elements which allowed you to walk behind/under it. But we didn’t care. Though not natural, the waterfall melded so well with its surroundings and enhanced the natural beauty around it!

Waterfall at SBG

The Singapore Botanical Gardens was worth it’s price = free! 🙂 But we thought we could swing the $5/person to see the National Orchid Garden.

"A walk in the park"

Now, in this Garden it would have taken too much effort and time to keep track of all the different types orchids. So for my sanity I will group them in my own non-botanical groups for pictures’ sake:

The Spotted Variety

The Twisty/twirly Variety

The Two-Tones

More Tropical Colors

Inside the National Orchid Garden was the Mist House which was bursting forth with more colorful and exotic orchids!

The Mist House

The orchids were not the only noteworthy plants in the SBG. Jungle Boy (aka Jehiah) was fascinated with how many trees (many of them immeasurably tall) had cool out-of-ground root systems.

Jungle Boy & His Tree

The Singapore Botanical Gardens cover so much ground that it was easily (but reluctantly) decided that we could not see everything in one day. (That’s okay, that means they have to come visit us again, right?)

On our way towards the exit we came across this bizarre tunnel which reminded me of my brother’s beard.

Hairy plant tunnel

We will definitely be going back to see what other neat, beautiful, and bizarre sights we can find.

That night we said goodbye to our temporary house mates. <Sniff sniff> We will miss them, but are so glad that they came to visit us!


2 responses to “Singapore Botanical Gardens

  1. After seeing the pictures of the flowers and gardens I am going to get my passport picture taken and drug Dad so he go will, almost willingly. How beautiful!!
    Can I get a copy of the two of you kissing among the beauty?

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