All because of the New Yorkers – Part 3

The Thursday wasn’t over yet. We had visited the National Museum of Singapore & the Sky Park, but we had one more stop to make before going home.

Okay, make that two – we had to get a bite to eat first.

Familiar Food

Selam had through her resources found a place called “Henderson Waves.”

Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves is actually a bridge. I would call it one of the lesser known wonders of Singapore. I had never heard of it until Selam mentioned it. But regardless of it’s less reknowned status – it is still a wonder.

Unfortunately this “wonder” was at the top of a hill which required the climbing of several flights of stairs. Jehiah thought this would be a good opportunity to practice his manly skills.

Selam holding on for dear life

Our trek up the hill was rewarded.

Waves in the night

You can see why the bridge has the word “waves” in its name. It is an incredible piece of architecture!

Henderson Waves Bridge - walkway

The view from the bridge wasn't half bad either!

The weary sight-see-ers before they go back to their homes/beds

And that ends a day filled with sights and activities that would not have been done as soon or at all without the New Yorkers coming to town.


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