New Yorkers “Flying” in Singapore

Now that the jet-lagged friends had traveled to and from Malaysia and had received a night’s sleep in a yellow guest room in Singapore… it was time to get down to business: Sightseeing in Singapore.

Andrew went back to work Tuesday morning (after we realized that we conveniently happened to take Labor Day off for our trip to Malaysia). I snagged my brother and brought him with me to my computer class. Jehiah graciously gave a talk to my Middle School Computer class. He engaged the class by showing him the hobbies of a web programmer: personal annual reports and making Amharic apps.

We brought home a cheap lunch of chicken rice to Selam. After lunch we were ready to explore.

Our afternoon agenda was to head down to Little India.

Little India

Little India

While in this little piece of Singapore, Selam was able to find a Sari that she liked (although the lady tried to convince her that she wanted to buy more than one). J&S looked at some jewelery in a Indian jewelery shop. They considered one that had the price of $25… only to find out it was really $437! Apparently the $25 on the tag was only the “making charge”… oops! Our walk around town ended with a delicious meal of Murtabak: prata with beef/lamb. Mmm!

With filled stomachs we caught a bus to go meet Andrew. After connecting with the hubby we walked towards our big evening event: The Singapore Flyer. (We used passes that were happily provided through Andrew’s workplace.)

A Preview of the Grand Prix Track

A Preview of the Grand Prix Track

As we walked there we came across the preparations for the Grand Prix that will be held later this month. Regular roads had been made special with strong barriers, tall and secure fences, and BRIGHT lights! It was neat to see the track in person.

We approached closer to our destination and looked up. It started to sink in, just how massive this creation was!

Looking up at the flyer

Looking up at the flyer

We were one step closer to flying. After all, with a flight enthusiast such as Selam – it seemed that we should get on a touristy contraption named the “Flyer.”

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

There was hardly a line for the Flyer, so after very little wait-time we found ourselves on the flyer!

Our Flyer car awaits

Our Flyer car awaits

The views were simply spectacular! What a neat way to view downtown Singapore at night.

"Flying" through downtown Singapore

“Flying” through downtown Singapore

It was easy to forget that you were moving on the Flyer as the ride was so smooth and the cars rotated independantly of the wheel. All too soon we came up and over the top. But the sadness of realizing we were over halfway done with the ride was overshadowed with the captivation with the Marina Bay Sands light show!

Pyrotechnics at the light show! (as seen from the Flyer)

Pyrotechnics at the light show! (as seen from the Flyer)

Marina Bay Sands at Night (As seen from the Flyer)

Esplanade Theaters (As seen from the Flyer)

The sight of the Marina Bay, the Marina Bay Sands, the Helix Bridge, downtown, etc… all lit up was the perfect way to end the evening.


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