Pulau Sibu, Malaysia – Day 3

Day 3 dawned. By the end of breakfast, one thing was discovered, and another was decided.

Discovery: Andrew had pretty much burnt his chest, shoulders, and back.

Decision:We decided that we couldn’t go back to Singapore (or the USA for that matter) missing the opportunity to swim in the clear waves of the pacific.

Extra strength sun tan lotion was gingerly applied. Then we donned our swimwear and made the trek through the jungle. We came out on the other side and were welcomed a beautiful empty beach with waves crashing upon the shore. It was a fun experience for all of us – but it was a new one for Andrew who had never been that far into a “real” ocean! None of us could believe how clear it was. You could be in up to your shoulders and have waves crashing around you and still see to your toes! That was way cool!

But alas the fun had to end. We needed to get back to the other side of the island, pack up, have lunch, and head home.

Smiling on the ocean side

Because it was only two other families/groups that were still at the resort (the rest of the guests had left the day before) the resort staff took the time to serve us lunch outside. It was delicious!

But alas, our time had to come to an end.

Last group shot before heading back

Our assumption was that the boat ride would be as smooth as the water seemed at the resort.

The Ride Back

This assumption may have been helped by the fact that our arrival boat had been much smoother than our van ride. In any case, our assumption was wrong. Before we had completed the 20-some-minute trip back, our behinds and backs were both sore from all the jostling and hard jumps over waves in the boat.Thankfully we had a new van driver. And he knew where all the ruts were. His acceleration was steady and considerate (not jerky) and he slowed down for ruts or significant bumps in the road. His ride was so much smoother that some of us were able to catch some shut-eye on the way back.

Peaceful Palms - we learned that these trees are planted/harvested for palm oil

Our new driver took us on a new route back home that was much more scenic!

The scenery was as peaceful as our car ride. On our way home we stopped at the local mall’s food court to get “authentic” food. Filled tummies and satisfied hearts headed home to enjoy rest, this time at home in Singapore.


One response to “Pulau Sibu, Malaysia – Day 3

  1. Wow! This looks like alot of fun, you’ll have to tell me the details!

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