Pulau Sibu, Malaysia – Day 2

Day 2 dawned. Our great adventure of the day was to trapeze through
the jungle to the other side of the island. Jehiah was the only one
who came equipped with socks and shoes (Chucks to be exact). This
provided him with superior hiking capabilities and made him an
excellent trail blazer. Consequently, during the hike, Jehiah earned
the title of “Jungle Boy.”

As we approached the end of the trail we could the distinct sound of a
crashing ocean surf. Our trek through the jungle was rewarded with the
ocean greeting us.

Andrew watching waves encompass his feet

Andrew watching waves encompass his feet
This side of the island boasted of a nice sandy beach that was being
pounded by blue waves of clear water. It was an impressive contrast
from our quiet side of the island that had calm water and a more rocky

The “boys” decided to go on a rock climbing adventure while the
“girls” decided to stay behind and watch the water and talk.

The Girls taking it easy on the beach

The Boy's view

After the explorers had their fill, we traveled back through the
jungle to our base on the other side of the island. We took advantage
of high tide and went swimming in the ocean (our nice calm side). It
was beautiful weather and lots of fun. Jehiah & Andrew then proceeded
to dry off by playing frisbee on the beach. Selam & I watched and
enjoyed the warm water.

A nice calm beach wouldn’t be very useful if we didn’t relax – so we
spent a good bit of the afternoon laying out on hammocks and lounge
chairs. We watched as a storm rolled in to our south over mainland
Malaysia. Thunder rumbled and the skies to our south and west
darkened. The water changed from a peaceful blue with a twinge of
green to a deep purple reflecting the stormy clouds overhead.

The clouds rolling in

One of the staff came out of the bar hut and asked us if we were
prepared for the storm. This question was enough to snap us out of our
revery as we sat memorized by the storm and realize that it was coming
our way.

We quickly walked to our huts and secured the window and door
coverings to prevent rain from coming in sideways into the chalets.
After securing our temporary homes, we went back to the main bar hut
of the resort.

A picture of what the window coverings look like (from when Andrew & Jehiah help the staff roll them up the following morning)

There we listened and watched the rain pour down and occupied
ourselves with a few rounds of boggle. The evening after the rain was
a simple and relaxing affair… we didn’t want to wast our energy; we
had plans for the next day.


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