Becoming a Regular

Developing familiar habits in a foreign land

You know you’ve become a regular somewhere when the lady serving you asks, “Do you like [the product]? Because you almost everyday.” Andrew and I have mentioned bubble tea before on our blog. But until recently it was a drink that we only occasioned. Not so now. We have gotten it almost every day for the last two weeks.

What changed? Well, we used to get it from KOI (the Singapore equivalent to Starbucks, but it sells bubble tea as its specialty, not frappecinos/etc). That was expensive ($4, give or take) and there was ALWAYS a line. Now, we have found a shop called “Each a cup” located right outside our most frequented grocery store. It is the basement of the nearest mall along with our favorite smoothie shop. But until recently we had not discovered it. And this place has so many options for bubble tea. You can several (maybe 15?) different flavors of tea, or you can a yogurt smoothie with bubbles. Other options include flavored ice – but we haven’t tried that yet (we’ve been too addicted to bubble tea). There is never a line (well, okay, maybe one or two people) – it’s an undiscovered gem! Oh, and it’s cheaper. Most drinks are about $2 or less!

Anyways, I had a delightful conversation with the store employee where she said that since I frequented to the store so much she would give me a few extra bubbles in my tea! Yippeee! I told her she probably sees my husband often as well. After I described Andrew’s build/appearance, she brightened up and said, “oh yes, the one with spectacles.” Hehe… not glasses, but spectacles. 🙂

So today I tried a new flavor of bubble tea: “Lover Fruit”

It is actually green mango. I have no idea why it is called lover fruit. Pretty tasty – but a much milder flavor than most of the other flavors that I have tried. Amongst my favorite are passion fruit, green apple, and peach… though I have yet to have one that I disliked.

Bubble Tea & Chicken Cutlet Rice = $3.70

To go with my bubble tea, I picked up some Chicken Cutlet Rice for lunch. One of our favorite “basic reliable” local dishes. It is chicken served with rice, cucumber, and a sauce. For the sauce, mayo is our favorite, but it is more commonly served with what I believe to be a vinegar and soy sauce combination. Nothing horribly special. But it is a fairly tasty and filling meal. And at the place most convenient for me to purchase it, they sell it for $1.80! (They recently lowered the price from $2 – now that’s my kind of deal!)

Now perhaps the lady recognizing us has less to do with the fact that we frequent the bubble tea shop so much, and more to do with the fact that we stand out a little. Maybe it has something to do with us being slightly non-asian in appearance? This theory would be supported by another story.

A few weeks ago when we went to the Shushi place the waiter who seated us asked us, “Remember me?” Out of a desparate guess, I said, “Oh, did you serve us last time?” He smiled and eagerly nodded his head. I guess we are memorable. Is that a good thing? I hope so.

Regardless of who we remember or who remembers us – we’re enjoying life and food here in Singapore.

Here are a few other cuisine habits we have developed since moving here (in no particular order) :

  • Homemade Frappecinos to send Andrew off to work
  • Homemade pizza on Fridays (sometimes Saturday) evenings
  • Strawberry Soursop smoothies, typically bought for our grocery trip
  • McD’s ice cream. Especially the flavor bursts when we’re at the right locations!
  • Pepper Rice & Beef – a fantastic dish served in a hot clay dish that allows you to cook the meal after you’ve been served. It is right in the nearest mall’s food court.

3 responses to “Becoming a Regular

  1. makes me hungry just reading about all that yummy and exotic food!

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