Eppy Log 3: Saga of the Snails

Much has happened since the last aquatic creatures update!

Sad news: Spike has departed. Here’s the story:

When we got the snails, Andrew suspected there might be issues because they seemed to prefer to stay near water line. He researched snail behavior online and decided that the likely cause of our snails water-line-hugging-ness was the water quality. He made a trip to the fish store. The store employees were fairly emphatic that he did not need any water treatment. Frustrated, Andrew waited a few days before trying again, this time to the other fish store literally a few stores down the block. A similar sentiment was expressed by these store employees.

Meanwhile our poor snails seemed to become more lethargic. (I know… you’re probably thinking, How do you tell how lethargic a snail is?) The need to help our snails became urgent! Finally, Andrew couldn’t take knowing he might be contributing to the seemingly poor health of our snails. He went to the fish store again. This time, he didn’t ask the “experts” their advice. Instead he went to the shelf, found the water treatment that he wanted, bought it, and walked out of the store.

Unfortunately it was too late for Spike. <sniff sniff> The one water creature that was mine – gone.

Good news though: The water treatment worked! The other snail, Zebby, perked right up and within a few hours he was zooming around the tank. Andrew’s efforts seem to touch the little fellow and he now was going all around the tank.

Convinced that we now had the means to keep snails happier, Andrew thoughtfully bought me a new snail for my birthday:

Meet our newest tank addition

The store was out of spikey snails so Andrew picked out this pretty spotted snail instead. Its spots go in a spiral pattern. I haven’t decided on a name yet. Any suggestions?

This is not all that is worthy of reporting since the last Eppy Log.

Two days ago we looked into the tank. We were worried that Zebby had escaped as we couldn’t see him. We looked closer and finally found him – he had made it inside of the plant.

The next morning, Zebby was still enjoying the plant!

Zebby hanging with the plant

Is this a good sign? Does he like the plant’s company more than that of Eppy or the new snail on the block? I was just impressed that the plant could hold it’s weight and that could stay on with relatively little area that he was suctioning to.

I’m still curious how he even got there in the first place!?

Zebby getting along with the green creature

He was still having fun crawling along the plants late into the day.

I guess whatever keeps him happy. Come to think of it, if I were in his place with Eppy always staring at me and trying to intimidate me, I might cling to the plant and do my best to hide.

The snails trying to avoid Eppy

We’ll have to see what the next snail stunt becomes … 🙂


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