There’s a Giraffe Outside My Window!

Learning to look at the positive side of perpetual construction

I LOVE our apartment. I really do.

I also really enjoy our community.

Except for… the construction. There is one building that has yet to have completed the elevator upgrade (changing from one original elevator for the entire building to a total of four elevators). That building isn’t our own thankfully. But it is catty-corner to our building. And while I really am thankful for having a corner unit, our corner unit is at the end where all this construction is taking place.

This means that shortly after moving in I realized that most days I would hear banging, jack hammering, welding, and an assortment of electronic construction equipment – all right outside the windows of my bedroom, kitchen, and 2 bathrooms.  Not my favorite aspect of our apartment.

There have been days that due to the seemingly incessant noise I will go into the bedroom, shut all windows and doors, turn on the AC unit for white noise, and try to take a nap to escape the noise. At other times I throw in the towel all-together and leave for part of the day.

To add to the feeling of being surrounded by construction, on the other side of our community they are upgrading a meadow to some sort of community area. You guessed, it – this requires more construction related noises. Thankfully though, this isn’t as noticeable or obnoxious as the noises right outside my window.

But I am learning to be thankful for some aspects of these situations.

For example, one day we come home to see these 3.5 story tall elevator shaft parts being hoisted into the air!

The crane was literally a few feet from our kitchen window at points. How cool is that!?

It's a Crane!

The crane was literally a few feet from our kitchen window at points. How cool is that!?

A crane right outside our window!

Now, not everyone gets to see such a unique sight like that right next to their home! I don’t think we ever looked out our window as much as we did the day that crane was in operation!

Today was even better.

I heard some noise outside the window (you’re getting the picture- that’s not an uncommon occurrence). This time I went to go check it out.

What!?!? I just went to the zoo… it seems like a giraffe must have followed me home:

Poor giraffe, his name is "52"

I was fascinated by this creature. It made the average day of construction interesting and vastly amusing.

Full size giraffe makes the ones at the zoo look small.

I bet that somewhere in the community there is a mom with little boys. I am sure that mom is loving days like these. And for that I can be thankful.

I can also be thankful that with this weird piece of equipment and another noisy day that the people in that building are one step closer to having elevator access to all floors.

And selfishly, I am thankful that I already have elevator access to our floor and that I am not living in one of the rooms right next to all that construction. I’m sure being in the building across from the construction is much better than being in the building where it’s actually taking place!

Dear Giraffe,

Thank you for reminding me to be thankful. I will miss you.

Yours truly,


#52 all packed up to go home

Bye bye!


4 responses to “There’s a Giraffe Outside My Window!

  1. that is one big giraffe and i love it!!!!

  2. #52 is such a cute giraffe. I loved your take on the construction equipment!

  3. That giraffe crane is exactly what Oliver searches google images for. 🙂 Also just want you to know how much I love that you are blogging your life! I’m going to print out some of your posts for Grandpa Joe & Grandma El; I know they will enjoy them.

  4. Morgan, we really like your idea to print them out so that they can see them. Thanks for thinking of that. Now Oliver can search my blog instead 😉

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