Still Life Photo Shoot

We like geckos.

Geckos don’t always love us.

Most of the time (with a for a few exceptions) geckos are very skiddish.

That’s why we were very surprised to find a gecko on the wall right next to our front door that didn’t shoot away when we opened the door. Our first thought was “WOW! Look! He’s posing for us.”

So I ran back inside and grabbed my camera.

The little gecko that didn't get away...

We were even more shocked when he didn’t move a muscle after his first shot and allowed me to take some close ups!

Gecko Close-up

Andrew began to be suspicious of this still creature. Still to scared to touch it with our hands and have it jump histerically, we found an object to nudge the gecko. Our worst fears seemed to be confirmed. Nudging did nothing to excite the creature. We concluded that it had been scared stiff right on the wall. Whatever the cause it seemed to have died very recently, but was still stuck to our wall. (We think recently because we didn’t notice it before, and later it changed colors slightly.)

So maybe it’s morbid of me to take pictures of a dead gecko and then post a blog about it??? But I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to view the beautiful little guy through the zoom of my camera.

Gecko to Scale

Still hanging on

If you do think it’s a bit cruel or morbid for me to take pictures after realizing the reality of the situation, think about this: what could honor this little creature more than posting about him so that people on the other side of the world will read about him and see how handsome he was!?

"Still" cute


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