Enjoying a Saturday and Saving a Bird

Exploring Kent Ridge Park

On the agenda for this weekend was a visit to Kent Ridge Park located near Andrew’s work. It was quite the hike up the hill (unfortunately no buses go inside the work, thus our feet had to do the work of brining us to the top of the park). But once we got to the top we were afforded several opportunities to view Singapore from several overlooks.

While Singapore is a beautiful island, it does not have the surfing/beach-going culture of Florida, Hawaii, or California. Hopefully these pictures will illustrate why.

Ah, what beautiful... barges?

One of Singapore’s largest industries is the shipping industry. This is due to two reasons: 1) Singapore does not have many natural resources so it imports much of its material goods, and 2) Singapore is a hub whereby many cargo ships go through. This explains the many cargo ships that are seen when you are the “beach.”

Oh look! A Shipyard!

To add to the views of cargo ships and ship yards, you also have islands devoted to oil refineries. And to top it off Singapore is constantly “expanding” by making mini “reclaimed” islands.

Palm Trees and Reclaiming Land

So Singapore does not have the crystal blue water, pristine sand, and the unobstructed ocean view, but it does have palm trees! And I still think Singapore is beautiful. There is never a lack of flowers or profuse greenery!

Whatever this tree was – it was pretty:

Hanging yellow flowers

Bright Tropical Colors

Walk through the woods

Probably our favorite thing about the park was the Canopy Walk. (Not to be confused with the Tree Top Walk.) This was a bridge bath build high in the trees that wound it’s way through the edge of the forest.

Canopy Walk

It was very cool to be high up in the trees – a very neat way to view the greenery. This walk also allowed us to see some vistas from the non-seaside side of the hill that the park was on.

Singapore Skyline

The end of the bridge brought the end of the park. So we walked back down the mountain *ahem* hill to get to the bus stop. (I was very thankful for the nice easy downhill walk.) As we were walking on the sidewalk, I stepped over a metal grate and noticed some commotion coming from below the grate…

I gasped!

The most beautiful blue bird I had ever seen in Singapore was flapping its wings underneath the grate trying to get out. (How it got under there I shall never know.)

Thinking quickly I asked Andrew if he thought he could open the grate to save the bird. He reached down and thankfully was able to open the grate without an issue. The bird found its way out of the underground prison and gained its freedom!

The only downside of the escapade was that it happened SO quickly that I was unable to take a picture of the beautiful blue bird. <Sigh> On the bright side – Andrew saved a bird 🙂

One park explored + One bird saved = Another Saturday well spent.


2 responses to “Enjoying a Saturday and Saving a Bird

  1. We’ll have to try that walk sometime. Have you checked out the Henderson Waves and the Forest Walk along the Telok Blangah Park? It’s pretty neat as well.

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