Exploring Singapore and Eating Sushi

Saturday we took advantage of the warm summer-like weather

… okay, it’s really summer year-round here in Singapore. But more importantly, we took advantage of the the weekend, and we went exploring! Here are some of our adventures:

We took the MRT as far as Raffles Place (downtown Singapore) and started walking. We came across some neat bridges.

Cavenagh Bridge

As far as we could tell it was a suspension bridge held up by long metal links. In the background you can see some shine metal domes – those are the iconic Esplanade Theaters.

Anderson Bridge

Although less impressive, this bridge was still cool because it looked like the Marina Bay Sands (the building that looks like a ship on stilts) was sitting on top of it. Right around the corner from there, Andrew led us to go visit the Merlion Park. Walking there we were expecting previous disappointments to be repeated.

It should be mentioned that the Merlion is truly one of the icons of Singapore. It should also be mentioned that this particular famous Merlion (not to be confused with the Merlion on Sentosa) we have never seen in person. Five years ago when Andrew was in Singapore for a conference, he tried to see this Merlion: it was under construction. A few months ago when we visited the downtown region at night (where we got some of these great shots) we went to see the Merlion – it was shrouded  in a one-room hotel. Yup – that’s right, a hotel. For some reason (unclear to us) they decided to build a temporary hotel that completely surrounded this public figure, making the statue oh so not public except to one private couple who had money to spend on a fancy night with a Merlion.

But not today…Voila! It was open and and even spouting water! We were happy!

Merlion and Marina Bay Sands

Merlion dwarfed by the skyline

We spent the next hour getting lost in a few malls, eating some fantastic McD’s flavor burst ice cream, and wandering around Singapore. We met up with a friend and explored some more.

Outside Raffles Hotel we came upon this couple having their wedding pictures taken just inches from the busy street.

I'm glad our own wedding photo shoot was more private

Finally after walking around and sweating a fair bit we decided it was time for dinner.

Cue the sushi!

I had been eying this new restaurant as it offers sushi all for one price of S$1.80 We missed  the $1.00 promotion from a few weeks ago when it first opened 😦 … But hey, $1.80 isn’t so bad!

Sushi Express

Soy sauce, wasabi, and green tea were complimentary. No menu needed as the fare dazzled in front of you on the moving conveyor belt.

The most delicious type of conveyor belt!

Watching the food travel the conveyor belt time after time, I felt like I was at the airport waiting for my luggage. But in this case, the luggage was multiple variety of sushi. And there was no jetlag while waiting for these delectable delights to come around the corner 🙂

We like sushi!

The plates piled up!

When we were done, the waiter simply counted up our plates and wrote our total on a bill.

These little guys were waiting on the back of the cashier's counter.

The rest of the evening was spent walking to and from Carrefour – the french version of Walmart. There we found a helmet that actually fit Andrew! (This is no small task considering how big his head is!!!)

Andrew posing with the old helmet

Notice his old helmet sits high on his forehead and come close to his ears. Furthermore, it only goes partly down the back of his head. With his new helmet – all those problems are gone:

Andrew's new and improved helmet

We might be a bit sweatier after the day was said and done… but we enjoyed a wonderful day, a great friend, and fantastic sushi – and my husband will bicycle in a slightly better mode of safety now. A successful day here in Singapore!


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