Eppy Log 1

Polky’s Intro & Epilogue

(Note: “Eppy log sounds like Epilogue”)

When we introduced you to Epsilon, our new pet, we mentioned that we had already begun to make plans to expand Epsilon’s home. We kept our eye on Craigslist. We picked him up a new tank for $5. The tank is so huge that we can use the old one to catch Eppy inside his new one when we need to change out his water!

And we didn’t stop at a tank.

Andrew thought that it would be good to get a companion for Eppy. With our former fish, Alpha – we purchased a snail, Sigma. After we moved to our basement dwelling, Sigma died. Two sequential snails died and we concluded that they just couldn’t handle the basement living without real daylight.

Our current home has daylight, so we figured it was worth another try.

Andrew picked up a spotted snail and two plants for Eppy’s new home. The slower of the two aquatic creatures was promptly named Polky.

Within a few days we concluded that Polky was either A) Nocturnal, B) Slow, C) Patient, or D) Afraid of Epsilon. Why? Well, he rarely moved. And the only times we could detect that he had moved was when we got up in the morning he had moved slightly.

After a few days I changed out the water in the tank. Polky was alive when I moved him from the tank to the temporary holding cell. And Polky was alive when I moved him back into the tank (I know because he took the effort to attach himself to the wall of the temporary holding cell). Then no movement.

We waited. A day went by. No movement.

A motionless turned over snail isn’t much fun to photograph. Hence I have no pictures…

Maybe he was REALLY afraid of Eppy?

Another day went by. Still nothing. He didn’t even nibble at the piece of lettuce Andrew carefully placed underneath him.

<Sigh> Another day went by.

A little over a week went by since we purchased the companion for Eppy. Now Eppy is alone again. <sigh> We’ll miss you Polky. R.I.P.


Good news: One of the two plants Andrew bought survived. Maybe one of them wasn’t supposed to be put in the water and was meant for dry tank? Oops.


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