Love Story with McD’s Continued

Ice Cream Cones – Upgraded

I know … how could this have happened? How could I have abandoned my loathing of McDonald’s? How did I transform from a McD’s hater to a happy McD’s blogger?

<sigh> I blame it on the Singaporean heat. That combined with the incredible deals you can get here at McDonald’s. Especially when it comes to ice cream. Nowhere else can you find a refreshingly cool treat of an ice cream cone for under $1.00!

I’ve decided not to fight it. I am embracing the joys that are now associated with the Golden arches. (I am also attempting to impose the rule that we can’t be buying a supersize meal from the establishment more than once a week. No such rule exists against the purchase of ice cream cones though.)

Some McDonald’s have a small kiosk set up in the restaurant separate from the main ordering counter. At our nearest Golden arches this small kiosk is a McCafe that sells yummy cold beverages (Starbucks knock-off’s) for about half of the fancier Starbuck’s price. At some other McD’s these kiosks are fantastic ice cream/dessert extravaganza stalls that they call Dessert Kiosks. I have been eyeing one of these said kiosks at IMM (a nearby mall that I frequent due to its Daiso – the Japanese equivalent of the American dollar store).

Normally I can only get a vanilla ice cream cone at a McDonald’s. But as it is only S$0.70 … well, I will overlook the lack of variety. Not so at this special McDonald’s Ice Cream counter. You can get a ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. Or you can upgrade your cone to a waffle cone. OR… you can get a Flavour Burst!

As described on the McDonald’s website:

“If you like our Vanilla cone, you’ll love the new Flavour Burst. It adds a bright ribbon of colour and lip-smacking flavouring to our classic Vanilla Cone.”

Oh, that is soooo true in my case. We paid 30 extra cents to upgrade our cones from the typical vanilla. It was worth every one of those cents. Call me a dork, but I am hooked.

We even match our ice cream!

Mmm-mm! Burstin’ with flavor, it is! I had a green apple flavor – and oh – was it good! Just the right bit of tang to take the ice cream to a whole new level!

Andrew’s cone was upgraded by dipping it in chocolate. The hardened chocolate shell improved the simple vanilla cone. It was good too.

Our trials were a success. We will have to go back soon for more! For now I’ll be content with the vanilla ice cream that’s just over 10 minutes’ walk away 🙂


2 responses to “Love Story with McD’s Continued

  1. ethan czebotar

    thats realy cool

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