A Happy Pup out for a Stroll

Some people are too attached to their pets. I am all for pets being a part of the family. But some people take their pets to be family members and treat them better than they would a child. They pass the invisible, but unmistakeable, line of what is/isn’t reasonable.

This evening after getting back from a wonderful afternoon at a friend’s BBQ, we went out for ice cream with our dear friends Jennie and Andy. While enjoying our yummy (but more expensive than last time we bought it) ice cream, Jennie pointed out an unusual sight. About 20 feet away stood a lady with her dog. The sight is hard to describe and a picture is worth a thousand words, so:

Jennie posing near the dog

Jennie posing near the dog

I was worried that I would be caught taking pictures of the lady’s obviously precious dog, so I rushed my picture taking. Since I didn’t take the time to adjust my camera settings, the pictures were bit blurry. Sorry!

We quickly realized that this was not just any ordinary dog, nor was it an ordinary stroller (one could conclude that the owner was not ordinary???).  The stroller appeared to be a dog stroller, complete with a doggie door. And the owner had even fitted the stroller with a fan to keep the pup cool.

The Pup and His Stroller

At least the dog seemed happy. But, seriously? Is this necessary? No. Is it funny? Yes.

If you have this much time and energy … Get a kid!


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