Anniversary Gift

A gift that celebrates our first anniversary that is music to my ears.

A little over a year ago I was blessed by many dear friends at my bridal shower. The guests were asked to write words of advice (either general advice or marital advice) on a small piece of paper. I still have and treasure these little notes of encouragement from older and wiser women and from sweet younger ladies. One of the memorable words of advice came from a long time family friend who taught me piano lessons when I was growing up. Her words were, “Keep playing the piano.”

Our first home together was an apartment in Arnold. We did not own a piano then. But I took advantage of our frequent visits to my mom’s home to keep playing the piano.

In October we moved to Gambrills. We did not a piano then either. However, the family who lived above us graciously allowed me to play on their piano.

This year in March we made our biggest move yet to Singapore. We have not had a piano here either. And I  haven’t had an alternate location to keep up my skills either. That is till today.

About a month ago Andrew decided to bless me by buying a piano. We justified the larger purchase by saying it would be  part of an anniversary gift. We kept our eyes on Craigslist for a piano to fit our desires and budget. Several acoustic pianos came up in our price range – but we did not want to risk owning an acoustic piano in the Singapore heat and humidity in an apartment without AC.  So we decided to wait for the right electric piano.

A week ago we visited a lady that had posted an advertisement for a piano. We employed a moving company to transport the piano. The date for the piano move was agreed upon for today – June 17. This afternoon just after 4pm we became  the proud owners of a beautiful Yamaha piano.

Black and White - oh so nice

Amazingly the piano has been barely used in the past 5 years since it was originally bought. It still has the original protective plastic over its LCD screen. I had never hoped to have such a wonderful musical instrument so soon.

I love Andrew. He didn’t buy this piano with himself in mind. He gave me the gift because he knew I would enjoy it. That being said, I think this new piece of electronic equipment holds some curiosity for him. He was fascinated to discover some of its technological specs: there is a USB port, it has a memory card that already fits into a port on his computer, and it supposedly can be hooked up to the internet! (Though we don’t have the right adapter/cable to hook it up to the internet yet…)

Andrew unpacking the piano

He even got under the piano to inspect what types of ports it had. His curiosity even went so far as to tinker with the multitude of bedazzling buttons.

Me getting back to playing

I still can’t believe we have a piano!

Enjoying the gifts of music and marriage

I am so thankful for my hubby and the wonderful gift he gave to me. Now I can “keep playing the piano.”


2 responses to “Anniversary Gift

  1. Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary! You guys look as Wonder-full as you did a year ago!! I am blessed to hear and see how you are! I am sure this instrument will bring great love and joy to you both as Adrielle plays it!! What a worthy investment! God be praised!!! With Love, Crystal

  2. What a beautiful story!!
    Many blessings and happiness with the piano.. Truely a gift that keeps on giving!

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