The Gecko is Back?

The first week we were in our new apartment we saw a few geckos (or the same gecko) inside our home almost every day. As I’ve stated in a former post regarding the visit from geckos – I haven’t been alarmed by the visits from these friendly creatures. In fact, I think they’re rather cute. This surprises me because most any other creature: cockroaches, spiders, or snakes would freak me out if they were inside of my home. But not the geckos. I like them. And they eat bugs. This is a good thing. (I know that spiders are bug eaters as well… but somehow spiders aren’t cute. I do not like spiders.)  Besides, they are rather skittish and don’t really like humans… or so I thought.

After the first week or two in our new home the frequency with which we were visited by these skittish friends decreased. We sort of missed them. There were no more exclamations of, “Look! There’s a gecko!”

We have a very convenient garbage shoot that runs underneath our kitchen sink. The cabinet where this shoot enters our apartment has a certain funk. Normally I will wait to throw out (or throw down?) the garbage until I have more than one bag. It would be fair to say I do not look forward to this task. However, one day as I dumped the trash down the shoot I saw a small gecko scramble to get away from my intrusion on his privacy. He shot up through a tiny crevace in the back of the wall where the sink counter joins the wall. The words from Swiss Family Robinson, “Comer here little fella. I wouldn’t hurt you. I just want to pet you.” come to mind. Well, I didn’t want to pet it. But I did think he was cute. The least he could do was to let me watch him, rather than run away as soon as I discovered his hiding place.

Pass several more weeks with very few gecko sightings. I began to worry that the birds that seemed to have no qualms in entering our abode and once were spotted chasing a gecko had perhaps eaten or scared off the geckos that once visited us.

Yesterday Andrew and I took the opportunity to go to the Chinese and Japanese Gardens (hopefully I’ll post pictures soon). As we came home, there was the tiniest little gecko outside our apartment in the walkway. We commented on how he was a little dude and proceeded to go inside not paying the creature much more thought.

As we were chilling in front of the tube in the living room we spotted either the same gecko, his twin, or another tiny friend. We were amazed as the tiny little guy walked along some Ikea cushions (yet to be put on their new chair homes) and actually hopped from cushion to cushion.

The Little Guy after his first BIG jump

Amazingly he didn’t scamper off as soon as my camera started to focus. It even posed and didn’t shutter when the camera flashed. I instantly lost interested in the TV and watched the new friend take his time exploring our cushions until he went beyond my sight. With as small as he was (I’m guessing 6 or 7 cm!) it wasn’t worth me trying to pursue watching him as he went under and around objects in our living room.

Eventually, as I lost sight of him, I continued to watch the TV.

Andrew was on the other side of the house when he heard me shriek. I had felt something on my arm and had instinctively shook my arm. In the midst of my impulse to shake I realized it was the new friend I had seen just a few minutes earlier. “I just shook the gecko off of me!” I said in an almost remorseful voice.

I searched the surrounding area for the poor victim of my reflex. He was perched nearby on the couch seemingly unscathed. The poor gecko. Here he had done what he could to make friends with this new giant, and what did he get in return? A flinging.

I watched my half victim, half friend scoot around on the couch.

Immediately Following the Traumatic Event

I sat transfixed taking photos of this gecko. Unlike other ones we had met, this one did not seem scared by us (even though I did throw him off of me) and was happy to allow me capture him on camera. (If I hadn’t, would you really believe this story?)

He seemed to like the arm of the chair.

The Little Guy Inspecting our Couch

I was shocked that I was able to get so many shots.

This one is my favorite:

He was looking right at me with his beady little eyes!

My suspicions about all geckos not liking humans were dispelled. This one not only did not seem phased by our presence but actually lunged after me following this shot. He hopped a good 12 inches to a nearby paint can and continued to come towards me. I made an audible gasp and fell backwards from my position on the floor – well to further back on the floor. I decided it wasn’t worth continuing to snap pictures of the gecko if he was going to continue to make advances at me. Furthermore, he was unpredictable. I gave him some more privacy. He eventually went off to hide in the folds of the curtain. When Andrew joined me a minute or two later, he looked in the folds of the curtain where I directed him. He was unsuccessful in locating our new friend. Our friend was successful in escaping our sight. We did not see him the rest of the night.

I’m curious to see if he visits again.


5 responses to “The Gecko is Back?

  1. I need to have words with that gecko to keep his/her “paws” off of my wife.

    Otherwise it is a cute little guy.

  2. Great story, Adrielle! I’ll have to share it with the boys later today. Just don’t get so friendly with the gecko that he thinks he can share your bed! Sounds like Andrew has that covered, but keep your guard up. 🙂

  3. I LOVE this story! What a cute little guy! I hope he visits again!

  4. Maybe he was there to sell insurance?

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