Interesting Sights

My newest sister-in-law, Selam, recently asked me, “What’s the most interesting thing you saw since you arrived (pictures are plus)? ;)”

My initial reaction to the question is that there are so many interesting sights and experiences that I cannot pick just one that stands above the rest. I thought Selam would not mind me making a blog post of some of my answers 🙂 So here some of the sights are in no particular order. Some are just beautiful. Some are expected; some are not. Some are cool. Some are just… well… bizarre. But they are all interesting to me.

Interesting: Beautiful


The week before Andrew started his job we made an effort to do some sight seeing while we could still enjoy the weekday crowds. One of the places we had the opportunity to see was Sentosa. This tiny island is connected to the main island of Singapore by a boardwalk.

The boardwalk into Sentosa island. (Not the best panorama my camera has done...)

Just another day in Singapore

Tropical Paradise

Singapore in its element - water and palm trees.

Interesting: Expected

Marina Bay Sands

It looks like a ship in the sky!

The biggest cantilever building in the world. I expected this because my architect brother, Nathanael, talked quite a bit about this neat building before I even left for Singapore 🙂

A dazzling display of architecture and lights

Interesting: Unexpected

In this category would fall our pink apartment. (See our earlier blog post here.) What can I say? We just weren’t expecting so much pink.

Short bicycles

At first I didn’t get why some bicycles were this way. But then Andrew pointed out that it makes sense. When they are built in this smaller manner they can be brought into elevators and stored much more easily than the typical bike.

Interesting: Cool

Yakinoka Rice Burgers – from Mos Burger

Mmmm.... Japanese style burger done right here in Singapore.

The Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

The Bridge Leading onto the tiny island off of Sentosa known as the southernmost point of Continental Asia.

Interesting: Bizarre

We were first introduced to the “bathroom=shower stall” in our hotel room. After one weekend of apartment searching we discovered it was the norm. Our current bathrooms (again, see our blog about our apartment) have no tubs or curtains or anything separating our showers from the rest of the bathroom.

Yellow Raspberries

In a local grocery store. Too pricey to try.

6 responses to “Interesting Sights

  1. Love the pictures!

  2. Adrielle!

    I loved all your photos; so colorful and interesting! I see it is confirmed once again, you are the right bride for Andrew since you are a world traveller (British spelling just for you) and an adventurer.
    I discovered the “Asian” shower/bath in the Netherlands where our Dutch daughter, Anja lives. They also have the laundry in there…. Leave it to the Dutch!
    Keep us in awe of your next photo trip. You seem to have a gift of photography in composition and lighting!

  3. Loved these observations! Can I be a privileged reader too?

  4. Tamarah Czebotar

    What a dazzling window into your now tropical daily life.

  5. Funny about the raspberries. Cause Driscoll berries are made in the USA, right? Yet we never see them here… maybe out west in CA? Bet they’d be cheaper in CA too.

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