Up Close and Personal with Wildlife

When Andrew and I were considering moving to Singapore, I had the opportunity to speak to a dear friend who had visited Singapore several years ago. She raved about Singapore. She loved it! Her one disclaimer was that there would be a lot of geckos. She warned that the geckos would even go inside apartments.

I am so thankful for that advice. We had seen small geckos outside here and there, particularly at night. The first night in our apartment Andrew pointed out that there was a gecko in our livingroom near our open window. Ordinarily I would have shrieked at such a sight. However, because I was the grateful recipient of my friends advice, I simply displayed mild interest in the friendly creature that left our apartment soon thereafter.

The Geiko you see on commercials, while he might indicate that geckos are friendly, also indicates that they enjoy being on camera. Note – geckos are very skiddish and not fond of the camera. I have tried and tried to take a picture of one of these little guys. 2nd note – geckos are quick. And they don’t seem to like the little light on my camera that lights up while my camera focuses.

Since then I have had another gecko come in halfway into our apartment. (When we saw it, the little guy quickly ran away out through the window.)


Geckos are not the only friendly creatures around here.

Enter bird – literally.

Our windows have a gate (bars) on them that can be slid side to side. (At first I couldn’t think why the windows would have a gate on them. Andrew pointed out that it is probably to keep kids from going out the window.) To enjoy the view the other night while I was cooking, I slid the bars to the side. A few minutes later I went to the other side of the apartment to look for something. I heard behind me a “Chrip, chirp!” A bird had come into the kitchen. It proceeded to hop closer to my stove where my fried rice was cooking. I did not care to share our meal with the bird. It got shooed out the window. (Unfortunately, my camera was on the side of the kitchen with bird – so I was unable to document that occurrence as well.)


Now we come to today. While I was painting our living room walls (my apologies for those of you in love with the fuchsia…) I heard the newspaper near the window rustle. I looked; saw nothing. Went back to painting. I heard the rustle again. This time I see a bird (who climbed through the bars on the window) hopping around. I then see it’s chasing a gecko in the corner of my living room. Within a few seconds the skiddish gecko fled the premises and the bird followed it out. Again – one more case not documented.


FINALLY – Andrew went into the bathroom this evening to find a poor gecko who couldn’t get out. (However it got in, we don’t know, but the window was closed in the bathroom and it didn’t have a way out.) My husband probably scared the poor gecko (think size difference), but he was able to get a picture. He opened the window so the gecko could find a way outside.

A gecko that was still long enough for us to capture it on camera. Note: picture is not to scale. The gecko is approximately 4" long.


We won’t talk about the spider that was on my bath towel that I used to dry my face off…


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