The Mystery of the Bike Horn

Within the first 24 hours of living at our new apartment, both my husband and I had noticed an oddity: Every now and then we’d hear a bike horn being honked for a few minutes at a time around the neighborhood.

Imagine a kiddy, tricycle-style, bike horn. Now imagine several times a day non-stop for several minutes.

Yeah, weird.

Within the first few days Andrew was able to catch a glimpse of the mysterious bike with the honking horn. From what he could tell it was a grown gentleman. It has gone from weird to creepy.

We’ve been in our apartment almost a week. Every morning (and sometimes in the afternoon or evening) I hear the bike horn. In fact, not 5 minutes ago I heard the horn.

Yet as much as I’ve tried I have not had the opportunity to see the horn-honker … till today.

Today I heard the horn, I rushed to the window, and I waited. I waited, I heard the horn get closer, then go away. Still no glimpse. I waited some more. Finally, I saw a bike come into view. I couldn’t see the man’s face. But from what I could tell, the build matched up with Andrew’s description of a grown man.

A few minutes later I hear the horn again. This time I see a man honking the horn and pushing a hand cart/trolley. The trolley has newspapers on it.

I have a revelation. Perhaps this is a newspaper boy. Perhaps he has heard of American ice cream trucks that drive around the neighborhood with music. Perhaps music was not available and the kiddy bike horn was all he could muster. Perhaps the mystery is not so mysterious to locals. It seems that the most likely explanation is that the hoking is simply a newspaper boy (okay, newspaper man) trying to sell the newspaper. I guess we’ll get used to it.


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