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Barcelona; Dinner/Date night – Safra 18

After a great time at the aquarium we found this great place to eat, with ENGLISH menues!

Barcelona; Dinner/Date night – Andrew

Barcelona; Dinner/Date night – Adrielle

Barcelona; Dinner/Date night – Pa amb Tomaquet

My appetizer: Oh so good; warm fresh bread with tomato scraped across teh top

Barcelona; Dinner/Date night – Carpaccio

Andrew’s Appetizer: Thinly sliced pineapple with thinly sliced ham, some delectable sauce and then tomatoes to top it off.

Barcelona; Dinner/Date night – Salad

Andrew’s Salad: A tower of REALLY fresh tomatoes layered with Buffalo Mozzerela

Barcelona; Dinner/Date night – salad

My Salad: Goat cheese on top of sprouts, tomatoes, cucombers, lettuce… mmm.

Barcelona; Dinner/Date night – ME and the main course

My Main Course: Salmon Ravioli

Barcelona; Dinner/Date night – The best pic of the night!

Andrew’s Main dish: mmmm, oh, melt in your mouth cod fish.


Barcelona: Aquarium

Barcelona: Aquarium

Don’t Get Eaten

Barcelona: Aquarium

Barcelona: Aquarium

Barcelona: Aquarium

I loved this tunnel. So cool.

Barcelona: Aquarium; Clownfish

aka Nemos

Barcelona: Aquarium

Barcelona: Aquarium

Barcelona: Aquarium

Look, it’s Dori from Finding Nemo

Barcelona: Aquarium (Andrew’s cam)

Barcelona: Aquarium; ME! (Andrew’s cam)

Barcelona: Aquarium; US! (Andrew’s cam)

The Mediteranean

Looking out over the water; supposedly it was normally “calm as a pool”…

Barcelona: The Cathedral

Our friend/guide told us that Spain was known by Europe as the “1/2 finished country” because it’s always under construction.

Block of Discord

Casa Batllo

Sagrada Familia – Nativity Facade

Sagrada Familia – Nativity Facade

Sagrada Familia – Passion Facade

Sagrada Familia – Passion Facade

Barcelona: Santa Paria del Mar

This was cool.

Great view from the top of Montjuic

Andrew couldn’t resist!

Castle atop Montjuic

The Arc

View from Casa Mila

Casa Mila rooftop

Chocolate Museum – sculpture

Casa Mila rooftop


Barcelona: Interesting Architecture